Boost sales with Gift Vouchers

Written by Gordon Kinnear

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Gift Vouchers are a great way to help boost sales and increase footfall. However, many retailers shy away from Gift Vouchers because of the effort that is required and the reliance on key staff members. Without a computerised voucher system, proper procedures need to be in place and staff need to be well trained otherwise mistakes will happen. In conjunction with retailers who have operated vouchers manually for many years, we have developed a Gift Vouchers Module for the Optimise System which incorporates their best practices.

With this module you will want to promote the sale of gift vouchers. The module makes it easy for any staff to sell and redeem vouchers and, because all vouchers are printed by the system, you can relax, knowing that the proper controls are always followed making the system fully secure. Management reports let you see the status of vouchers sold, redeemed or expired giving full control.

Included in this module are. . .

  • Sale of vouchers.
  • Printing of vouchers (A4 or receipt printer styles), tailored to your requirements (within reason) including user-editable paragraph on the voucher.
  • Voucher number check-digit security.
  • Automatic calculation of voucher expiry date (with management override).
  • Manager give-away option (e.g. for a radio campaign).
  • Voucher redemption against a customer order.
  • Optional voucher check of redeeming customer being same as issuing customer.
  • Automatic printing of balance voucher if voucher is only partly redeemed.
  • Management report on current status of vouchers.
  • Protection from redeeming a voucher more than once.
  • Automatic nominal ledger entries.

For a free trial of this module, call Optimise Solutions now on 0131 448 0483 and Gordon or Andrew will be glad to help you.

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