Check to See If Your Email Server is Blacklisted

Written by Gordon

Topics: Optimise News, The Internet

Having trouble receiving or sending emails? Are your emails ending up in the receiver’s junk/spam folder? Did you know, your email server’s IP could be blacklisted? The following steps will help you check your domain name / email server’s health.

Step 1: Visit MX Toolbox is a MX Lookup Tool that lets you check your DNS records (MX, A, Nameserver,etc).

Step 2: Enter your domain name in the text box and click on the ‘Lookup’ button. This will list the email server’s details. Depending on your email server’s settings, you might have one or more IP Addresses in the list.

Domain Name Check Mxtoolbox

Step 3: Click on the Blacklist Check link against the first IP Address. This command will run a test on your IP address and return the results. If your IP address was listed in any of the Blacklist Directories, you will be notified.

Blacklist Check Mxtoolbox

Step 4: If your IP address is listed in one or more of the directories, you can follow the instructions on the screen to find out more about fixing the issue. Alternatively contact a web company to help you find a solution for the problem.

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