Effective Email Campaigns using Mail Chimp for FREE

Written by Gordon

Topics: Online Marketing

How often do you send out marketing emails to your customers? Have you been able to track the success of each email? Sounds impossible, isn’t it? MailChimp.com is a popular and trusted email marketing service provider that helps you run effective email marketing campaigns.

Mail Chimp Email Marketing

  • Segment your customers using Optimise and export them to a spreadsheet.
  • Import the spreadsheet into Mail Chimp’s address book. You can create different lists based on your different target customer groups.
  • Create a new campaign and fill in some details about the campaign.
  • Use their existing templates or create your own new email template and compose your marketing email.
  • You can test the email shot using the preview features. By testing the email, you can check how the email looks in most popular email clients and websites. You can also predict if the email will pass the standard spam score.
  • Associate the customer list that you want to send the email to and set a delivery time. Lot of research has been conducted in identifying the best time to send marketing emails. Wednesday noon is considered a good day and time.
  • Once the emails are delivered, sit back and relax. You can now keep track of all clicks, opens, subscription opt outs, re-opens, reading time, etc. For example, you will know when Mr. John Doe opened your email, how long did he read it, when did he open it again, which links did he click, and much more.

Major players in the online marketplace use Mail Chimp to try understand their customers buying behaviour. Also, Mail Chimp has special arrangements with all email providers to trust emails sent through their service. This ensures that you have fewer emails that land in the junk folder.

Visit their website for more information. They offer a FREE package that lets you add 500 contacts and send up to 3000 emails a month. You can pay monthly or pay as you go, if you require a higher quantity.

Optimise Web can help you setup email marketing campaigns and help spruce up your emails by re-writing them with action words and phrases.

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