Grab more data out of Optimise with Snapshots

Written by Gordon Kinnear

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Want to get data out of the system easily or looking for a quick report? The new Snapshots program might be the answer. Snapshots are data snippets that are exported from the database into an Excel spreadsheet.

Take a look at the snapshots that are available. Some may not be relevant to you but you may find some gems. Keep checking back, especially after getting a new software release, as the list of snapshots is growing fast.

Snapshots are categorised by module – Sales, Stock, etc. – with each having a brief description. The list of snapshots available to a user depends on their access privileges.

The Snapshots program is on the main menu. After selecting the snapshot to run, you are asked for criteria to run the report for. There is an option to pick the columns you wish to include in the snapshot (columns picked are saved per user allowing different combinations for different users). Clicking Create Spreadsheet gets the data and creates the spreadsheet.

If you have a requirement to analyse something that is not already catered for it is worth considering getting us to write it for you as a snapshot. Most snapshots are quick and inexpensive to write and, once written, are yours forever.

Requires Microsoft Excel (any version). Available from version 4.1.22.

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