Still using Internet Explorer? Tried Google Chrome yet?

Written by Gordon

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Google Chrome LogoMicrosoft’s Internet Explorer is the default web browser that ships with every Windows PC. 41% of internet users still use Internet Explorer as their primary browser. Reports show that the percentage of takers for Microsoft’s browser have been steadily decreasing since the early 2000’s. Internet Explorer is not a bad browser, but it is not the best. FireFox from Mozilla is a much more safer and powerful browser. A new and winning entry to the browser war is Google’s Chrome.

Google describes Chrome as a browser that combines a minimal design with sophisticated technology to make the web faster, safer, and easier. I’ve been using Google Chrome since its release last September. Following are the top reasons why I recommend everyone to try Google Chrome.

  1. Very fast loading time – Internet Explorer and FireFox can take a few minutes to start whereas Chrome fires up instantly.
  2. Clean and simple look – IE (Internet Explorer) has a very confusing interface. One might have a hard time even to try find the menu! Chrome is plain simple.
  3. Fast page loads – Google has rewritten the entire code that displays modern and interactive websites. Websites load a lot faster than any other browser.
  4. Safer – We use our credit card and bank details often times on the internet and we really need to know that we are using a secure browser. Chrome’s safety is highly rated and better than IE.

The table found below provides an insight into the decreasing popularity of IE and Chrome’s popularity on the rise. The table is provided by W3 Schools.

Browser Statistics

If you’d like more information on Google Chrome check out the comic by Scott McCould by following this link. The comic has been drawn with the general audience in mind and speaks in plain English!

Go on and give Google Chrome a try. You might find browsing the internet to be a lot more fun!

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