How to delete a post from Google’s FeedBurner feed?

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Using Google FeedBurner to syndicate your blog feeds? Have you tried delete a blog post or convert a post status to draft? FeedBurner will still display the post on the feed. You might be in a state of panic if your XML feed has a wide reader base. Not to worry! Edit your feed in Google FeedBurner and choose the “Troubleshootize” option from the menu.

Google FeedBurner Troubleshootise

Somewhere to the middle of the page, you will find a “Resync Now” button. Wonder why Google put that button in a remote location that no one can find! As per FeedBurner the Resync button does the following:

1 ) Clears our cached version and refreshes its content from your Original Feed. 2 ) Creates podcast enclosures for items that did not previously have them and contain links to podcast content. 3 ) Reports any feed formatting problems encountered during the resync.

Google FeedBurner Resync Now

This is one panic button that might come handy to all blog publishers.

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  1. karmasandhan says:

    Each time I submit new post, it shows in my feeds which a good things but I have made one static page in my blog my putting the future date one it, so in my feeds this static page shows on top every time I publish new post. Now I want to delete that one post from my feeds only but from blog; how can I do that. Maybe correcting my date in blog post can help but this way I will loose my homepage (static page. Please suggest. you can look my feeds here:

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