Magento Upgrade from 1.4.X.X to 1.5.X.X via SSH

Written by Gordon

Topics: Magento

Since Magento the SSH upgrade command has been changed to ./mage instead of ./pear. If you have used ./pear upgrade-all in the past, you will now have to use the ./mage version. I was upgrading from Magento to Magento I’m using the Community Edition.

For ./mage to work you need to CHMOD it to have sufficient permissions. Then you need to add the newer 1.5 version of Magento pear channels. The following worked for me on the Magento install. As always please do not try this on a production site. Create a staging version of your Magento store before you try upgrading. Also, remember to backup your database. One more thing: please remember to point local.xml to the new database and not the production one. :)

./mage channel-add
./mage channel-add
./mage sync
./mage upgrade-all –force

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  1. HEC Store says:

    Thanks for this – I couldn’t understand why this wasn’t working until I saw your post!

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