Now only £499! Smashing Offer on New Optimise Licences

Written by Gordon

Topics: Optimise News

Is your business facing an opportunity to expand? Are you wanting to add more user licences to the Optimise system so that you can handle the extra sales that are coming in? We have been getting a significant number of enquiries from our customers who want to increase the number of their Optimise system users by at least two additional licences. Now that the signs of economic recovery are blooming and you would be super charging your sales efforts, we would like to help you achieve those targets.

We have rolled out a new licensing structure, which will ease the burden on your cash flow. No more will you have to pay a high upfront cost and recurring monthly costs. Under the new structure, licences cost a flat £499 a year. This cost will cover the use of the licence and its support and maintenance for a full year. To extend the licence for another year, you just pay another £499.

What is the catch, you might ask? Actually, none! At the moment a new licence costs £750 upfront and £30 a month towards support. We did the math and found that we are spreading the total cost of the licence over 5 years. The credit crunch was tough on each one of you and this new licensing structure is our way of saying thanks to all of you for having trusted in us.

To purchase those additional licences that you have been putting away for a sunny day, call Optimise Solutions now at 0131 448 0483 and Gordon or Andrew would be glad to help you.

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