Open PDF Files using Google Chrome – Farewell, Adobe Acrobat Reader

Written by Gordon

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Today, Google released a new version of their Google Chrome web browser. Chrome is probably the fastest and most secure web browser and it supports all the latest HTML and web standards. With the new version, Google Chrome 9, Google have added PDF support to the browser. This means, you can double click a PDF document on your computer and set Google Chrome to be the default program to open it. There is nothing fancy about the PDF reader… It just lets your read!

Problem with Adobe Acrobat Reader

Couple of years ago, Adobe Acrobat Reader used to be a 5MB install. The started adding a lot of security patches and interface enhancements. Now, Adobe Acrobat Reader is over 35MB! Should a software, just used to read PDF files, be so heavy and resource intensive? Adobe kept adding a lots of new features to their Reader. Most people wouldn’t need such enhanced functionality (copy images, fill up forms, etc.).

Google Chrome PDF Reader

Google have now included a very light weight PDF file reader within their popular web browser. Make sure you have the latest version of Google Chrome and from now on you can view PDF files, easy and fast, using Chrome!

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