Stunning Product Images for eCommerce Websites

Written by Gordon

Topics: Magento, Optimise News

To persuade your consumers to buy your products over the internet is not an easy task. The consumer is on their own, without help from your sales staff, trying to make a buying choice. Product imagery plays a crucial role in eCommerce. When a consumer buys a product, without touching and feeling it, detailed product photographs become the key to selling.

When it comes to product images, business owners find it difficult to decide on image quality, resolutions, dimensions, file size, format, etc. The following are the ideal settings that you should use while saving images for your eCommere website. JPEG is the best file format for photographic imagery. The width and height are given as indicators only. If the image is of a portrait format, the width and height settings will have to swap. The maximum file size of 200kb is good for the main product image. This will ensure fast page loading speeds. Most images at the following settings will not reach 200kb, but if they do, try and compress the quality a bit further.

Ideal Product Image Settings for eCommerce

If you have many images to be resized and wish to save time, you can download and follow the Optimise Guide to Batch Resizing Images.

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