Twenty Ten Theme & All in One SEO Pack – Joined / No Space Issue

Written by Gordon

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Upon upgrading to WordPress 3.0, you might notice the Meta Page Title joined without spacing between the blog title and blog name.

Chrome Page Title All In One SEO Issue

This problem arises when using the Twenty Ten theme or a theme designed using the Twenty Ten theme in conjunction with the All in One SEO Pack plugin. If you have set the configuration to not display the Blog Title as follows, the title function causes the above problem.

All in One SEO Configuration Page Title

The Fix

Open the functions.php from the Twenty Ten (or your modified) theme directory. Go to line 262 (approx) and comment out the following line of code.

add_filter( ‘wp_title’, ‘twentyten_filter_wp_title’, 10, 2 );

All in One SEO Twenty Ten Page Meta Title WordPress Fix

WordPress 3.0 is awesome!

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  1. Casey says:

    Thank you so much! This was driving me nuts! I hope they update the Twenty Ten theme to fix this problem soon, but I’m happy to have found your fix. Cheers!

  2. calls says:

    Brilliant, we working on the blog for a cheap international phone calls website and it kept doing this, solved now, thank you!

  3. Rob Conan says:

    I tried this but to no avail, Mine looks like “SiteName | PageSiteName” I tried your suggestion but it was already uncommented.

    It looks like this
    add_filter( ‘wp_title’, ‘seo_wp_title’, 10, 2 );

    while my Title settings in SEO Plugin are
    %blog_title% | %page_title%

    I have tried it with page title then blog title but i still have the site name in twice ~ any ideas?

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